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Stressonika analyzes the electrical activity of the brain, heart, and autonomic nervous system during mental work

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The analytical system forms a psychophysiological portrait, determines risk and development zones

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Results of your test, your strengths and risk areas

Stressonika is the first VR laboratory in Europe for the prevention of stress and burnout

Everyone can undergo a check-up of their psychophysiological state using virtual reality glasses with built-in sensors of ECG and EEG.

20 minutes for the test + 60 minutes of consultation

Find out your stress level

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Unveil Your Stress Superpowers with Stressonika

At Stressonika, we empower you to take control of your mental wellbeing like never before. Our revolutionary VR technology, packed with EEG and ECG biosensors, provides an unprecedented glimpse into your psychophysiological state. Discover your true stress levels, cognitive abilities, attention span, work preferences, worry tendencies, recovery capacity, and burnout risk – all through an immersive virtual experience.

Where self-discovery meets self-mastery in the universe of virtual reality

But Stressonika isn’t just about understanding; it’s about transformation. Our cutting-edge analytics equip you with personalized insights and strategies to optimize your behavior, boost your performance, and cultivate a resilient mindset. Say goodbye to burnout and hello to a life of balance, focus, and achievement.

How does Stressonika work

What indicators do we determine?

The relationship between performance and physiology

The use of psychophysiological resources in mental work can be uneconomical. It is important to be able to manage stress and understand your body language. Our product determines your psycho-physiological resistance to mental stress, stress resistance in situations of uncertainty, the ability to restore physiological reserves.

Properties of the nervous system

Each person has a certain set of innate qualities that practically do not change throughout life. These include the endurance of the nervous system, the level of excitation processes, inhibition processes and the mobility of the nervous system. These characteristics determine the ability of the individual to adapt to various life situations.


It is an active process of extracting information about the surrounding world. It allows us to give meaning to the information we receive.

Attention metrics

Attention is the ability to focus on important information and not be distracted. It helps us allocate cognitive resources depending on the importance of external and internal stimuli. Good attention is needed for more complex processes such as memory and planning.

Executive functions

This is a set of cognitive processes that allow you to plan current actions, selectively concentrate and change your behavior in accordance with the goal.

Who is this test for?


Private Users

Stressonika will help you understand your body and mind so you can work more efficiently, manage stress, and achieve your goals without sacrificing your health and well-being. We can help you optimize your work style so you can perform at a high level without overworking yourself or risking burnout. Stressonika is the key to a healthier, more balanced and productive life.


Parents, children and family members

Test your family. This will help each family member to better understand themselves and each other, which will create more harmonious relationships and improve the quality of life. Realizing that we are all different and react differently to the same stressful situations will help you optimize your behavior for each family member. Children must be over 12 years of age to be tested.

Psychologists, coaches

Our product enables psychologists to better understand their clients, their physiological and psychological reactions to stress and work. Supplements “psychological intuition” with objective data. This increases the efficiency of the psychologist, helps him achieve the best results in the shortest possible way.

Professional activity, leadership and team-building

Each employee has his own individual working style and, depending on this, an individual risk of professional burnout. Our product will help your team achieve maximum results, working in harmony with the psycho-physiological characteristics of each employee.


Our product allows you to obtain reliable objective data on the psychophysiological state of the subjects, therefore it is used for psychological and near-medical research.

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Stressonics was developed by professionals in medicine, neurophysiology, psychology, mentoring and coaching.
Consultations in our VR laboratory are conducted by certified psychologists, doctors and specialists in CleverPoint technology

Stressonika Team 

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Single visit for one person. One hour ticket include VR testing and psychological consultation



VR research and psychological consultiation for two people with joint discussion of the results. 



The “Family” tariff allows a family of up to 4 people to be tested and receive family consultation


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Flexible plans for corporations, business coaches and psychologists are discussed individually

  • In the contemporary world of IT technologies, a specialist’s qualification is determined not only by their technical skills. A candidate’s ability to work under high mental load, resilience to stressful situations, and the skill to effectively multitask are valued highly along with the professionalism. At ActiveCloud, we focus on a comprehensive approach when selecting our employees. Thanks to the high-tech equipment from Stressonika, we can meticulously analyze the psychophysiological reactions of candidates, studying their responses to stress and their ability to quickly recover after intensive mental loads. This not only increases the likelihood of making the right choice of a candidate, but also allows us to more accurately form an induction training plan, taking into account the individual features of each newcomer.
    Anastasiya Prischepova
  • Thanks to Stressonika, I studied my stress response, evaluated my personal management style, and based on clear recommendations and competent consultation, I developed an individual approach to improving my productivity. After just six months of practice following the recommendations, I significantly increased my performance, became calmer, and more professional in solving assigned tasks. I definitely recommend using it to everyone, especially managers!
    Dyagel Vitaliy
    Deputy Director, ZASO "Imkliva Insurance"
  • Using Stressonika headset that measures stress and monitor Brian waves has been a game changer. As an employee who faced burnout this innovative tool provided remarkable solution. The impact on teams in companies could be incredible. The combination of cutting edge technology and its practical application for managing burnout is truly amazing.
    Wojtek Jurojc
    Mental Health Specialist & Speaker
  • It not only revealed my stress levels but also provided insights into my cognitive potential. The professional guidance I received on improving my low scoring parameters was invaluable. Now, I have a better understanding of my stress responses and working style. Highly recommended!
    Marta Dąbrowska
    D&D Software

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